Commercial Cleaning Services Tampa FL

Excel Building Services provides professionalism and excellence in their cleaning business. They have been serving Tampa Bay including Sarasota and Lakeland where as a boutique operator, they have provided the care and attention that their clients always want. Established as a family owned and run business, management controls on customer service and oversight for handling any and all commercial cleaning service in Tampa are extremely tight. The backbone of Excel’s business has been built upon trust and confidence in their execution of their strategy to ensure pristine office cleaning and janitorial services in Tampa, FL for all their clients.

Janitorial Services Tampa

Our janitorial services Tampa are second to none as a result of our training and employee relationships. As full time employees, our people get to know our customers and can therefore cater to their custom requests and needs for their individual offices, buildings, and cleaning locations. Understanding the nuances of cleaning and janitorial duties is a responsibility that requires dedication and commitment which is our training mantra. Some clients need or request certain facets of cleaning supplies that might involve allergies or bacteria that may be unique to their particular space. We understand the custom cleaning issues and listen to our clients as they express their concerns. One size never fits all as we do not “cookie cut” the janitorial services that we offer.

Professional Office Cleaning Service Tampa, Sarasota, and Lakeland

Our Professional Office cleaning services cover Tampa Bay which encompasses Tampa and all its towns and sub-communities, Sarasota, and Lakeland. All of our coverage is centrally managed and maintained by our senior management team that is dedicated to cleaning excellence. Office cleaning duties is a responsibility that not only involves vacuuming, sweeping, trash removal, and restroom cleaning, but it also concerns the security and trust that our clients place in us to be in their most treasured space, their office. Personal belongings and memorabilia are often in the office spaces and must be secure with the cleaning company that they retain. With our full time staff, we train and establish a professional decorum and protocol amongst our staff so that they accept and fulfill their cleaning responsibilities while up keeping our integrity at all times.

Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning

Excel handles specific requests when clients need areas that are targeted such as carpets and floor care. The heavy foot traffic in an office building or lobby can be immense and may require special cleaning frequencies and floor care depending on the surfaces and material of the floor. Marble floors for instance require special equipment and cleaning solutions applied in order to preserve the finish and sheen of the marble itself. Some floors also are more delicate and need attention to their specific qualities. Carpet cleaning is a science unto itself since wool, polyester, and cotton materials are involved and need an understanding of how dirt, dust, and bacteria burrow into fabric and can cause long lasting deleterious effects in a facility, office, or working location.

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