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Commercial Cleaning Tampa Awards

awardFor five consecutive years, Excel has received the “Commercial Cleaning Company of the Year Award in Tampa” which is a category and distinction of honor that speaks volumes about who we are. As an experienced and top managed cleaning company, we pride ourselves on our reputation and happiness barometer by our clients and industry evaluators. These criteria are not only a one time occurrence, but they are also consistently reviewed in order to ensure the level of quality and standards are met on a daily basis. After all, there is no time off for cleaning up keep as dust, dirt, and bacteria never rest. Why should we?


Locally Owned and Managed Cleaning Service

image2Based in Tampa itself, we are situated geographically where we need to be in order to address the client base of our footprint: Tampa, Sarasota, and Lakeland. With our easy reach to our clients via service trucks, we can address any and all situations that our clients may have or request. Sometimes, special cleaning efforts are requested such as before and after special events or parties that might involve heavier duty cleaning and janitorial attention. Proximity of our management and employee team is also important in that regularly scheduled work needs our team to be fresh and rested in order to do the work that is required. We understand the need to keep our staff adequately happy in their employ as travel time and logistics are an important consideration.

Family Owned Janitorial Service

image1The emphasis on being a family owned cleaning and janitorial service company is paramount in that the responsibility and dedication that we pledge to our customers can and must be fulfilled. There is no choice in handling our customers and providing professional cleaning services at all times. Many commercial cleaners are franchises and carry household names that are often broadcast on television and news ads, however with that, the removal from the dedication is obvious. Franchise cleaning companies have marketing teams , cleaning teams, and management teams that work separate and distinct from one another. Without the dedication from the top down throughout the commercial cleaning-client relationship, there is a serious break down of quality and service control. Excel’s core as a family owned and operated business is just the right size to handle their clients. A boutique approach with enough management and employees to handle the work is where Excel chooses to be in order to keep those awards coming.

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