Services. Complete approach and package to handling our customers.

Commercial Cleaning

image3Excel Building Services offers a complete approach and package to handling our customers. We counsel or prospective clients with the time and attention to their needs, then prescribe the best methods that we can find to employ such cleaning ways. Custom cleaning is our ability to utilize ideas and creativity where understanding our clients from the beginning is most important. As their businesses change and their space may shrink, grow, or move, we understand the various issues that can keep the clients happy. Cleaning is the last thing that we want them to worry about.

Office and Janitorial Services

  • Our cleaning services cater to office buildings, schools, car showrooms, lobbies, and vestibules.
  • We employ “No Touch” restroom methods in our janitorial service. Germs and bacteria are spread easily through our hands and restrooms are the hotbed of these microbes that can easily be spread throughout an office. The “No Touch” limits this from occurring especially curtailing colds and flus that are rampant at various times of the seasonal year.

Floor Care

  • Comprehensive and Professional Floor Care: Excel has a maintenance program that addresses all surfaces which include but are not limited to: VCT (vinyl composition tile), Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble, and Terazzo, and many more.
  • Flooring and Carpeting Equipment: Excel utilizes dedicated and professional state of the art equipment designed for each individual application. Flooring is NOT carpeting and thus each must have its own equipment and methodology for handling.
  • Separation of Apparatus: Restroom cleaning is notorious for moving germs and bacteria around from room to room. Excel understands that each restroom must be handled with a proper disposal of all cleaning supplies. The extra step to doing this is necessary and mandatory in our training and execution.

Janitorial Supplies

  • Excel understands the hassle factor for buildings and offices to have to buy restroom supplies and paper products and therefore provides whatever is necessary to keep the customers well stocked and hassle-free from running out or having to make a special purchase of such items.
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